More news on the legal front regarding national letters of intent

Apparently they aren’t as binding as they used to be.

That has always been an issue with smaller programs … The coach does a great job, recruits a 5A class, and splits for the bigger school down the road (taking 4 or 5 commits with them).

But now that there’s “other money” involved, a kid who signed a contract for the NLI at school A, signed a contract which requires both sides to agree to terminate. I guess the new school could buy out the contract, the way they do with the coaches, but many smaller schools barely have the money to fund scholarships, much less all of the rest.

Big question is any upfront money from an NLI - does the athlete have to pay it back if they leave?



The lack of transparency in NIL transactions is a major part of the problem. Maybe the programs know what each other are doing, or the agents do, but it isn’t clear that the NCAA knows, and for sure the public doesn’t!