Based on my post in the other thread, none of you care, but if Collin’s needs some bulletin board material, there’s this analysis from Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Eisenberg, which mentions Purdue, Illinois, Nebraska (unfavorably), Wisconsin (also unfavorably), and MSU (again). Doesn’t even mention us at all, even to throw shade. Then mentions Ohio State as a possible dark horse.

That article does seem to go out of its way to NOT mention Northwestern. I agree with their comment on Nebraska doing its best work at home, but nobody (except Minnesota, sort of) is at home this week, and Tominaga is a guy who can take over a game even when he isn’t shooting much. (And as Fred Hoiberg said in one of his recent press conferences, you’ll never see Tominaga coaching in a shooting clinic, because he does EVERYTHING wrong, but it goes in anyway!)

And remember, in some parts of the country the word ‘yahoo’ is pronounced ‘yay-hoo’.

Article seems to be written from the position of who might get into the NCAA’s who are not locks, after proclaiming the Ill-noise has a shot at winning the B1G Tourney.

Well, so do we, but he seemed to be fixated on all the lower seeds in the B1G, after trying to explain that Ill-noise could win based on the “transition” play.

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