MSU fires Tucker?

The NY Post is reporting that MSU will fire Mel Tucker following completion of an investigation into a sexual harassment complaint. ESPN so far only says he has been suspended.

The complaint was filed by someone MSU had brought in several times to talk to the team about sexual violence against women.

USA Today has a long and detailed article about what Tucker has gotten himself into.

Perhaps the worst part for him is that he’s got about $85 million in his contract that’s at risk if MSU decides to fire him for the specifics.

MSU has now announced that it intends to fire Tucker ‘for cause’ on Sep 26th. He has 7 days to dispute the termination. Cue the lawyers!

That surprises me. Matt Walsh went through the timeline and interactions. It seems like Mel Tucker was a bad husband and had a bit of Jeffrey Toobin going, but it was 100% consensual and she is not his subordinate.

If she filed a complaint, that seems to suggest it wasn’t 100% consensual, doesn’t it?

Joseph Himon had an 85 yard TD catch against UTEP and looks to be a legitimate weapon in the open field. He got a couple carries out of the backfield but not a single target as a receiver. Why??

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I don’t think it’s been established that it’s 100 percent consensual. ( At least not according to the alleged victim )

It Could simply be MSU’s opening gambit. I’m sure that harassment charges aside , MSU wishes they hadn’t given him such a lucrative long term deal and are probably hoping to get out from under the contract anyways . Even a settlement with Tucker for a third of the remaining amount under the contract would probably be viewed as a victory from the University’s standpoint



I don’t think Tucker has to prove it is 100% consensual he just has to sew doubts and 30+ phone calls of 30 minutes average in duration is some serious sewing.

Regrets from MSU are similar to regrets from the woman there is no UNDO button in life.

I’m not defending Tucker as cheating on your marriage is very wrong and Jeffrey Toobin-ing is sick.


I think you are correct that there needs to be some burden of proof on the accuser ‘s part to vacate his contract ,but your statement seem to imply that it had already been established that his actions were 100 percent consensual.

Between you and me , I think Tucker will get a nice payout for a settlement; enough to be financially set for life . If so, she may attempt to sue him as well as the University for harassment damages


It seems Tucker is being hit with the MSU equivalent of the Marine charge of ‘conduct unbecoming’.

The burden of proof is less in civil suits, but I suspect neither side will want this to wind up in a courtroom, too many things come out then, as the Notre Dame case from some years ago showed. Tucker is not likely to be a sympathetic plaintiff, either.

As to being ‘set for life’, coaches get used to being able to spend money like there’s no tomorrow, PLUS having their school pick up a lot of expenses. Once a settlement number is chosen, there are taxes, agent and business manager fees, and a lifestyle to support. The stability of his marriage might throw another financial monkey wrench into the works, too.

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Tucker is fighting being fired, sounds like settlement talks might be rocky.

The basis of Tucker’s complaint is that this was a two-way, consensual relationship. The woman who filed the complaint against him says that it was not.

Tucker has about $80 million on the line. I’m not a lawyer, but his argument doesn’t seem to be a very strong one.

The timeline of events will be interesting. It appears Tucker and the woman had many long phone calls, but perhaps at some point she objected to what was happening in them and tried to terminate the relationship, at which point Tucker may have terminated her consulting relationship with MSU.

Tucker seems interested in getting to discovery, he may find that being deposed is less fun than deposing former bosses.

Regarding his $80 mm,It would seem that the burden of proof is on MSU since they are firing him for by claiming his actions brought ill repute to the university ( which was an out for them under the contract). They simply can’t say his actions did that; they need some level of proof

I think NU ‘s argument (at this point anyhow,) against Fitz is essentially as head coach he should have known of the transgressions in the locker room even though according to the outside investigation he wasn’t aware of them. That legal argument analyzed by this admittedly non -lawyer seems weak

If the various pending player lawsuits come out that Fitz was involved or had knowledge of racial discrimination, or hazing itself ,then NU has a much stronger case


Tucker now officially fired for cause, expect a lawsuit from Tucker next?

And Tucker has told MSU he will be filing a lawsuit challenging the firing for cause.