NCAA Finals - will the favorites win?

I see Iowa is a 3 point favorite over LSU this afternoon for the women’s title, UConn is a 7 point favorite over San Diego State tomorrow.

Last night’s SDSU-FAU game was a real buzzer-beater, it may have been the first game decided on a last-second shot in the tournament, and it was the only time SDSU led in the 2nd half.

Mike Nolan

Iowa was the favorite, but LSU was the higher seed, and the game got away from Iowa pretty early. The Iowa coach had that ‘what hit us’ look on her face most of the 2nd half.

Mike Nolan

Mike —

Thanks for all you do.

Just a quick question—will the new system support pictures, graphics and more?

Go Cats, Alan

Actually, Iowa had the higher seeding. Iowa had a #2 seed while LSU had a #3 seed. Consequently, Iowa could wear their home white jerseys while LSU had to wear their away uniforms.

My error on the seeding, LSU got off a lot more shots and that may have been the difference. Iowa tried a lot more 3’s but LSU made a higher percentage of theirs.