NCAA Fines Tennessee over $8 Million

I guess the NCAA has decided to use the pocketbook as its primary sanctioning tool, Tennessee is expecting to be fined over $8 million for a total of over 200 NCAA rules infractions committed during the Pruitt era, but no bowl ban.

The Vols also have to vacate the 11 games they won in 2019 and 2020.


I think this is definitely more than money ; vacating wins and recruitment limits are also fairly punitive

I also expect to start hearing about hazing issues from other programs The publicity with NU will likely bring out other accusations Wonder what if any penalties will be handed out by the NCAA or the given conference ?


The feckless NCAA punted again on UT. 400 violations including a large number of Level i violations. No postseason ban and not heavy loss of scholarships or recruiting restrictions. By contrast Louisville a national title over 4 level violations and only about six total. The NCAA proves once again that it’s reason for existence- enforcing rules - has been lost to the mists of time and NIL.

I’m not yet convinced there will be many other programs reporting hazing activities, though I’m quite willing to believe it was (and probably still is) widespread.

And I don’t expect the NCAA to lead on this issue or, really, on nearly any issue.

The way they count scholarship reductions is interesting, cutting 2 scholarships (eg, going from 85 to 83) apparently counts as 10 scholarships over 5 years.