NCAA throwing in the towel on transfers?

It looks like the NCAA may throw in the towel on transfers and say that students can transfer and have immediate eligibility more than once, the only remaining restrictions appears to be transfer windows and they can’t compete for more than one team in the same season.

With all of the NIL money involved, this last bit of restrictive regulation was certain to fall.

It will be interesting to see if admission/academic eligibility will survive.

We’ve already had a couple of legal actions in Florida regarding admissions and the NIL law down there.

It is a weird three way tango for highly recruited players, the NIL groups, and the schools. The courts will probably be the ones who will eventually sort it all out. But it feels like the schools have to admit the kid first, then the NIL deal can be signed, and then the kid has to show up and remain academically eligible. But if any one of those three legs of the stool gets a little wobbly, the remaining two could have some grounds for legal action.


The unlimited transfer rule (must meet academic requirements and only able to play for one school in a season) seems to be breezing through, still a few votes to take but those look like a formality.