NCAA tournament

Cats get 9 seed, face Florida Atlantic, with UConn taking on Stetson in the other half of the region.

Game will be on Friday.

The folks on the NCAA selection committees have a cruel sense of humor.

Nebraska’s men and women are both paired against Texas A&M in the NCAA tournaments.

There’s always weird stuff like that. Michigan State’s women’s team is a 9-seed playing UNC in the first round. MSU’s men’s team is a 9-seed and if they win their first round game, they play… UNC.


Perhaps, but I can say that absolutely nobody in Nebraska thinks it is a coincidence that both Nebraska teams are playing Texas A&M, the team that just hired away Nebraska’s AD.

Back when I was running chess tournaments, we’d do things like pair Joe White against John Black, with colors reversed.

Kind of off topic, but I watch a lot of Youtube chess videos specifically from Chess Vibes
Question for the chess fanatics:
What is your favorite opening as white?
What percentage of games do you castle king side?
Knights or Bishops?

I love to watch chess instruction more than play. I don’t think I’ve played a chess game in maybe 30 years.

To bring it back on Northwestern I first met Maureen when my Elder roommate invited her to our dorm room to play chess and eat Giordano’s. That was our first and longest date lasting around 12 hours by the time I walked her back to 1835 Hinman dorm as we wanted to go to breakfast, but she didn’t have her meal card with her.

The reminds me of the stories that used to always run in the Daily each year about the shenanigans the housing office would pull assigning “random” roommates. The one that stands out in my memory from my freshman class was that they paired Jeanne Birdsong and Jean Sparrow as roommates, but there were a few.


CBS has the full listing of times and channels, the Cats play FAU at 11:15 am (CT) on Friday, on CBS.

A couple more bits of funny business the committee pulled this year: In the first round, Michigan State plays Mississippi State. MSU vs MSU

James Madison (nicknamed “Dukes”) could play Duke in the second round if they upset Wisconsin and the Blue Devils hold. If only one of them was a higher seed, they could have matched JMU against Duquesne.


In making sure to have tickets with a group of alum friends for the NU session on Friday in Brooklyn, I bought for both of the day’s doubleheaders, so I now have several tickets to sell (for what I paid) for the night session. If you know anyone who’d like to buy up to six tickets for the night session with Duke/UVM & JMU/Wisc. (each ticket is a little under $200, Sec. 210, Row 4), please let me know. Thanks and looking forward to the day session Friday…