Nebraska loses in OT at Illinois

Nebraska led by 2 at the half, trailed by 10 in the 2nd half before extending the game to OT, but they couldn’t find a way to win on the road at Illinois. So the game in Evanston will go a long ways towards setting up the top 4 in the conference race.

Purdue’s win gives them the top spot now.

Nebraska moved up to 52 in the latest NET rankings after their OT loss at Illinois. Northwestern is 58.

To quote from “The King and I”: It’s a puzzlement!

I wonder what the odds are that Wednesday’s game will go to OT?

Regarding the Wildcats and overtime games, I posted this, perhaps of interest:

Does this suggest Collins has an issue with end of game tactics?

Fitz was notorious as a VERY VERY VERY weak special teams coach/recruiter/manager.

No coach is perfect, but some have obvious strengths and weaknesses.

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