Nebraska President leaving for Ohio State job

I wonder what the hierarchy of desirableness of B1G president jobs is.

I hear private schools generally give more autonomy so Northwestern and USC could be top of the heap.

Wisconsin → Northwestern
Nebraska → tOSU

I can’t believe it is purely on budget and endowment, although I’m sure that plays a factor.

Personally Evanston/Chicagoland is probably one of the better B1G areas, but now Washington might be the most desirable as it is still a bigger city, but it has a lot more outdoor activities and better weather.

LA seems like a nightmare to live. Move either of the schools to SD and it would be #1 by far.

I would guess West Lafayette is probably the least desirable, although I don’t know the area around Rutgers very well.


I would think the prestige of the institution has to play into the desirableness as well. Not only does someone have perhaps a little more prestige to their name , but it might offer more corporate board positions. I would rather show on my board a top university president than an also ran school

Retirement From the university also has some interesting opportunities ; Bienen became a hired gun for the For profit universities , and he even penned an op-Ed in the WSJ lobbying on their behalf. You or I would have no soapbox here, but a former president of NU vs say Oregon probably has a bigger one

As an aside I worked for a short time for the future president of Michigan State. He did send an e Mail to a colleague of mine wondering out loud if he should push his Board to up Nick Saban’s salary or not renew his contract. He chose the latter


Carter was already the President of a major land grant institution with multiple campuses, unlike the Wisconsin Chancellor who was announced as the new Northwestern President before she had to step down to an illness that proved to be terminal, so his move was more of a lateral move.

I’d guess Ohio State pays more than Northwestern even though Northwestern is the more elite academic school. And it probably pays better than Nebraska, too.

Several years ago I read a study that said the average University President serves for about five years, Carter has been at Nebraska for about 4 1/2 years.


While New Brunswick, where Rutgers is situated, is nothing special, it is just a little northeast of Princeton, which is a beautiful area. One could find a very nice home as Rutgers President, and also summer on the Jersey Shore.

By the way, Listers, at a time when support for the football team is lagging, or at least questionable, I confirmed this week that there is no N Zone pre-game event at Rutgers, although the NAA had a nice brunch gathering in a tent when the ‘Cats played there in 2018. We keep slipping back to the Dark Ages at every turn. No leadership; no vision; no nothing.


Paul H. Levinson

NU may prefer a low profile for athletics, especially football, for the next year or so.

NU’s recent presidents have served double that time.
I was honestly very surprised when they named a late 60’s candidate , figuring 10 years might be tough. Sadly , Becky didn’t make it


I think private schools tend to have Presidents who stick around longer than state schools.