NFL postseason moves

You had to expect the new owner of the Washington Commanders to pull the plug on Rivera.

The Falcons dumped Smith and the Panthers dumped their GM.

Belichick is still ‘under contract’, at least for now, but he hasn’t met with Kraft yet.

I don’t think that’s gonna be the full list.

The Trib seems to be leaning towards the Bears keeping Eberflus but bringing in a new QB. Personally I’d recommend they trade down a few picks and take someone like Penix over USC’s Caleb Williams, even LSU’s Jayden Daniels or Oregon’s Nix would be an improvement. This is a QB-rich draft, as many as 5 could go in the first round.

The Giants are said to be leaning towards keeping Mike Kafka as OC, assuming someone doesn’t offer him a head coaching job.

There are continuing rumors that Jim Harbaugh might be offered an NFL job he wouldn’t turn down after tonight’s game.

Wink Martindale, the Giants’ DC, has resigned.

I wonder if there is a LV betting line whether Harbaugh’s departure will be announced in the post-game presser tonight?

It cut off the rest of my post:
LSU new DC hired at $2.5 million/year

$2.5 million a year for a DC?!? I guess when coaches have broken the $10 million figure 25% for each of the coordinators isn’t unreasonable.

We heard rumors of Braun being paid right around that for his hiring in November – not the $10 million, but the $2.5 million.

I wonder if the plan isn’t to raise the coaching salaries across the board before revenue sharing with the players starts, so that we don’t get situations where a lot of coaches are making a lot less than the players they’re coaching? (Which could already be happening based on Matt Rhule’s comments about QBs and NIL.)

I’m sure it will happen, not unlike the NFL

As an aside NU canned their O- line coach yesterday. Not sure why it wasn’t announced with the prior housecleaning

Also note that one final poll on Athletic listed NU as #31. Probably about 100 spots higher than a prediction in July


Where did you see that?
I checked the Daily, InsideNU, and NU sports. I also checked twitter and found Kurt Anderson’s page, which has a suspicious bio as it lacks mention of Northwestern, but nothing explicit.

During one of Braun’s pressers before the bowl, he was asked about linemen leaving, etc., and he hinted that the O-Line guy was going to be gone, and some of the senior level players liked him as a coach, so they were leaving as well.

But if the deal for the new OC is done, then he’ll probably bring along an O-Line guy, or has a buddy somewhere who coaches line the way he wants it done.

Remember: “It All Starts on the Offensive Line.”

(I could go on and on about that… if you really want to build a program, you spend your money up front on 7 or 8 guys that can rotate in and out and the defense won’t know the difference.) Easier to do in College, but not THAT easy.)

Go B1GCAts


Three (four if you count the TE) of Michigan O line this year were 2023 transfers. Don’t know how many of them ended up starting.


Doost, a fairly highly acclaimed OL ,is going back to Arizona. He may have gotten word of the planned firing


Josh Priebe is leaving too, reportedly for Michigan.


The Seahawks fire Carroll, Belichick leaves the Patriots searching for their first new head coach in nearly a quarter century. The Bears stick with Eberflus but dump the OC and most if not all of the offensive coaches.

You don’t suppose Saban is looking at another try in the NFL?

They may wave money at Saban in the NFL but his last try with Miami was mediocre at best and he didn’t get along with the management. IMO Not a chance


Don’t matter who you are…

In the NFL you are a bad start of the season away from getting fired. (as the teams “look for new direction”)

Most College Coaches get to finish the year.

Also, in the NFL, while the coach has some decision authority over the players on the team, the final cut always seems to come from either the Owner (Dallas) or someone else in the organization. As an example, Ozzie Newsom is regularly given credit for the Raven’s 2 Superbowl wins, the head coaches are sometimes seen as an afterthought.

I guess the money and the perks are better in the NFL, and you do get to take a couple of months off during the spring while the college guys are out recruiting, but successful College Coaches are almost above everything, and are usually the highest paid employees of the State where they coach.

Go B1GCats


Looks like only the top third of NFL coaches make more than the highest paid college ones.

interesting idea that if you don’t have a lot of NFL experience(player and/or coach) then you won’t be a successful NFL coach

NFL coaching has become a young man’s game.

Jim Harbaugh just turned 60.

The median age of current NFL head coaches is 44 (doesn’t count interrims).

Both Belichick and Carrol are 71. Recently fired Doug Peterson is 54. Frank Reich is 61. Ron Rivera is 59. Mark Vrable is 47. Brandon Staley and Arthur Smith are both 41.

I suspect that the majority of current head coach openings are going to go to younger coaches.

The youngest coach is Scott McVay at 36.

Carroll still holds the record for the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl (61).

John Harbaugh is 61 but if he wins the SuperBowl this year, Carroll will still hold the record because his birthday is 8 days earlier than Harbaugh.

All that said, I have an inside guy that said that Harbaugh is seriously interested, particularly in the Chargers. The real question is whether or not the Chargers are willing to spend the money and give Harbaugh the level of control that he is likely looking for. If past history is any indication, the Chargers will balk at Harbaugh’s price tag and UoM will give Harbaugh an offer that he can’t refuse.


If Belichick is 71 and Carroll won the Super Bowl at 61 then Belichick was older when the Patriots beat the LA Rams about 5 years ago


You’re right. Belichick was 67 when he won the 2019 Super Bowl. That will teach me to depend on AI search engines. :slight_smile:

So Jim Harbaugh (60) DOES have some runway in order to get to his desired Super Bowl victory.

BTW, one of the latest rumors I heard is that Belichick is on the Charger short list. He’s going to want control over the roster too and likely will also want something in the $20M+ range.