Not an NU legend, but a legendary NU opponent

Passing along a must-watch video link & note from a former colleague, Dave Lubbers, about an Ohio State legend:

Green Bay Packers great John Brockington passed away on March 31. Many years ago (before HD!) I worked with reporter Tom Friend and editor Nate Hogan to produce one of my favorite stories ever.
Please give yourself 10 minutes to watch an almost unbelievable testament to faith, friendship, love, and abnormally large kidneys.
Wishing love and strength to Diane Brockington, her family, and the John Brockington Foundation.

Brockington scored the go-ahead touchdown for Ohio State in their game against Northwestern on October 31, 1970. The 24-10 loss was the only in-conference loss for the Cats that year.

Yes. We had the lead 10-3 at the Half against Woody and his gang of Buckeyes. Many of us watched the game on Closed Circuit TV (in those antediluvian days before Cable TV) at McGaw Hall. We were happily chanting “Rose Bowl”, “Rose Bowl” as the ‘Cats ran off the the Locker Room at the Half. Then our QB, Maurie Daigneau, who had a good year, fumbled the first snap from center, the Buckeyes marched in for a quick score, and we never recovered.


Paul H. Levinson

My wife and I were among the people watching at McGaw