NU-Iowa 11/4 Wrigley time and network announced

It’ll be at 2:30pm - on Peacock

Think they’ll hit 20 points total?

I tried the free version of Peacock when it first came out, wasn’t impressed. Don’t know if I can even get the radio PBP for that one. (WNUR maybe.)

I’ve been looking to switch from cable to Allo streaming but haven’t been in a hurry to switch. I’d still have to subscribe to Peacock separately, I assume.

The Iowa-Northwestern game might be 2-0, in 6 overtimes.

With or without multiple overtimes?

We can all get the WGN play by play. All you have to do is download the free Varsity app on your cell phone. It’s a great app, and almost every college game from around the country can be heard there.

It’s been so long since a Cats game hasn’t been available on TV that I haven’t looked at the options for getting WGN since they stopped providing it on their website. But I think we’ll start seeing more Northwestern games on streaming services in addition to more of them on Friday nights. (Take THAT, Evanston City Council!)

I listen to the Bears on Sirius because only about half of their games are on TV here, and to be honest the Fox announcers suck anyway. Even when it’s on TV, I often mute the sound and try to get the picture and radio PBP synced up.

Thanks for the tip, Jim. I had downloaded Varsity, but had never signed up. Looks like a great app to hang out in!