Oh to be a mouse in the corner in the CFP meeting room

Gonna be interesting to see which teams get the short sticks when the rankings come out tomorrow at 11AM CT. Will it be undefeated FSU, and which of the one-loss trio of Texas, Georgia or Alabama?

The XM college sports radio channel 84 is pushing Alabama over Florida State. Even with the QB injury I don’t see how you can drop an undefeated Power 5. Nobody is talking up Georgia or talking down Texas so it is just Alabama vs. FSU.

The only positive thing that could come of excluding FSU is the final nail in the coffin of the Power 5 as every team would be Big Ten or SEC in the playoff. This might stir up enough angst to get another round of realignment to get to the 2 mega conferences.

The biggest conclusion I think out of the selection Sunday is that people will say thankfully next year there will be 12. There will be a lot of screaming this year no matter what happens as strong cases can be made for each of 7 teams, though none for leaving Georgia in while leaving Alabama out . The only other time where I think there were at least 2 very loud screams was the inaugural year when Ohio State bumped Baylor and TCU While unlikely, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a anti monopoly lawsuit filed by one of the teams on the outside


I think 5 teams have legitimate claims to the final 2 spots , thus there will be a lot of screaming out there–Probably as loud as we heard after Ohio State bumped TCU and Baylor and the inaugural year . The head of the
selection committee said simply their job is to pick the best 4 teams, not the most deserving. One way i might approach the answer is to ask which of the remaining 5 teams would Michigan or Washington NOT want to face in the CFP ? Personally I think that would be Alabama and Georgia

However I think it’s very unlikely for the committee to pick both of them --Clearly if they pick one of them it would be Alabama.-- If Alabama gets picked, then I predict the 4th team will be either FSU or Texas, with a heavier bet on FSU


Hi Harry

Great unexpected season.
Do you know what channel the bowl selection show is on?

I can’t find it.

Go Cats

Lou Martinaitis

Looks like it’s on ESPNU here

Michigan vs Alabama and Washington vs Texas. Sorry FSU and Georgia.

So I guess that means Michigan’s annual unfathomable loss will come to Alabama this year.

So far all the talk is about the college football playoff. No mention of Bowl game selection, ….yet.

Still talking and talking about the four teams that made the playoffs.
no mention of “bowl game selections?:crazy_face:

I need to make airline reservations!


The New Year’s 6 should be out soon (if not already), but the other bowls will trickle out over the next several hours, I’d expect NU’s bowl pairing to be official by 4PM today

So far the only other pairing I’ve seen is FSU vs Georgia in the Pissed Off Bowl.

Which will be played outdoors in Buffalo, New York?

Go B1GCats


Just to further piss off the fans of both teams…

Go B1GCats


I was kind of hoping for Boise, a game like that deserves to be on the blue turf.