OSU and Illinois games will be at Wrigley Field

I think most of us expected this, these games are after the Cubs season ends and are likely to draw bigger crowds, though having the Illinois game on Thanksgiving weekend means many of the students are gone for the weekend.

The one I find interesting is Wisconsin on the lakefront. I would love to be at that one.


I like the athletic department separated the Lakeside and Wrigley tickets.

We would have to contribute more to retain our tickets, but based on the limited seating I understand. Parking is under the same or more generous rules as they take into account season ticket tenure.

We will probably “downgrade” to West Sideline $250 per ticket contribution to allow us to retain our 3 seats using our 3rd seat for our friend who is a 45+ year season ticket holder, but not an athletic contributor. She gives to other departments at Northwestern.

I’m not willing to contribute $750-$1,000 per ticket, although maybe I will change my mind for 2025…

After the final game last year we didn’t expect to ever buy season tickets so this is beyond our expectations.