OT loss at the Barn

The Cats got the game to OT after losing the lead late in the half, but OT was mostly Minnesota, final 75-66. Cats were streaky all day and really looked like they ran out of gas in the 2nd half, but they’ve played a lot of OT basketball lately.

Not a good performance by the Cats. Some sloppy play, as they had double their normal turnovers, particularly in the first half. The Cats couldn’t hold a couple of leads around 10 points, and the Gophers started hitting threes to close and then take the lead. Officiating didn’t distinguish itself either, although it’s hard to say which team got the worse deal.

How did both Christie boys end up at programs other than NU? Were they bad students or is their mom’s relationship with the university not on good terms?


I don’t know about Katrina’s current relationship with NU or Cam’s recruiting by MN but his brother Max was a one-and-done at MSU and was drafted by the Lakers. I’m guessing CC wasn’t all that interested in someone with those kinds of aspirations, though Rizzo was.