Over a dozen current and former Iowa and ISU players now charged in gambling probe

Over a dozen current and former Iowa and ISU players have been charged in the ongoing probe into online gambling on college sports at both schools. Several have also been charged with forging registrations while minors, in one case with the aid of an older brother and in another case with the aid of his parents.

Some of the players who have been charged have transferred to other schools, including on MBB player to Nebraska.

ISU DL leaves school amid gambling probe.

Like our hazing issue, this may be just the tip of the iceberg around the country. It’s hard to watch ESPN for more than a few minutes without seeing a gambling ad these days.

Golf has its own gambling problem, Phil Mickelson is said to have lost $100 million gambling, and apparently tried to bet on the 2012 Ryder Cup while he was playing on the USA team.

Well at least it takes some of the college football spotlight off Northwestern


We might hope that would take NU out of the spotlight, but now former baseball staffers are suing Northwestern over allowing the head coach to create a toxic environment.