Phillips ACC

I’m sure the ACC doesn’t want the Big Ten to come after Phillips.

Mike Nolan

Twitter is an ugly place, but the responses weren’t very positive.

Overall I think his tenure has been too short to judge. Until one goes through a round of media negotiations or expansion it is tough to tell the quality of a commissioner. With AD it is coach hiring/firing and despite my disappointment and general unhappiness with the Collins hiring a pair of tournaments seems to justify it as a good hire.

The previous ACC commissioner protected the conference from poaching, but put the football brands at a competitive disadvantage financially by signing such a long-term deal.

From the B1G experience short-term deals maximize the money and allow for agility to changing situations, but we do have the advantage that we have no fear of poaching. UNC and Clemson would be gone had the door not been locked from the outside.

Two tournament appearances and a 2-2 record is certainly better than what any prior NU basketball coach achieved, but it isn’t exactly basketball hall of fame credentials. (Nebraska has more tournament appearances but has yet to win a game there, and all of the coaches who took Nebraska teams to the Dance eventually got fired.)

As to Twitter, I’ve never signed up for an account there, and don’t have one at Facebook, either. I had a Facebook account as part of a former job, though I seldom used it. I do have an Instagram account but haven’t used it in well over a year. I don’t do LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok or the other social media timesinks, either. (This forum is timesink enough.)