Playoffs Board approves 5+7 format

Even though the first 12-team college playoff has yet to be held, the CFP management committee has already discussed the idea of expanding to 14 teams in 2026.

Let’s just do a 64 team playoff and start it in September.


And everyone gets a 6 foot trophy.

Go B1GCAts


You get a car, you get a car, everybody gets a car.

Oh, wait, that’s the NIL cooperatives.

It is crazy that we are headed back to the early days of college football where players were paid and did not need to be students.

If you haven’t read Dave Revsine’s book The Opening Kickoff: The Tumultuous Birth of a Football Nation
about college football I definitely recommend you read it

It sounds like the FSU-ACC breakup is headed to fruition as it seems from the articles they are just negotiating the value some where between $0 and $570 million. Since there is 10 years left on the agreement anything less than $350 million is profitable for FSU as they would easily make up the value in additional revenue from the new conference.

If they leave then Clemson, UNC, VA, and Miami are the obvious others. This might force ND to do something as it would gut their non-football sports excluding hockey.

Is the SEC interested in FSU? Is the Big Ten? The Big 12 doesn’t have quite as good a media deal (currently) are they looking to expand?

A 14 team playoff is looking more possible, with 3 teams seeded from both the Big Ten and SEC, 2 from the Big Twelve and ACC, and one from the Group of Five, leaving 3 at-large spots open. That would appear to mean they think either the Pac-12 won’t repopulate itself or it will be relegated to Group of Five status.

The anticipated increase in media rights appears to mean that the CFP will make more money from the playoffs than the NCAA does from March Madness.