Purdue loses at Ohio State

Purdue just lost at Ohio State 73-69, a nice start for OSU’s interim coach. Road wins are tough to get in the Big Ten this year, now let’s see if Northwestern can pull one off at Indiana.

So far, so good, Cats lead by 8 at the half 34-26. Fouls will be a concern for both teams in the 2nd half, Buie and Barnhiser have 2 each, Ware and Cups both have 2 for Indiana, Reneau has 3.

Cats hang on for a big 4 point road win, 76-72. That’s 4 wins in a row against Indiana.

A few tidbits of interest -
The first Nicholson double-double, 14 pts & career high 16 rebs…Martinelli also a double-double, first pair of double-doubles in same game for NU since 2018 (Pardon & McIntosh)
Career high 26 for Langborg + 6 assists & 0 turnovers
NU had 14 offensive rebounds, 14 assists & 3 turnovers
And some NU-IU series notes in:

Looks like an interesting race for 3rd place in the conference, Purdue would have to lose over half their remaining games to give anybody else a chance at the conference title and Illinois looks pretty solid in the #2 slot. But with a 3 way tie for 3rd the battle for 3 and 4 (and the double-byes that come with it) may come down to the last weekend.

The Fox crew was pushing Fred Hoiberg for coach of the year in the conference today.

Only 3 turnovers is amazing ( Indy had 11) !

I don’t recall seeing either NU or any of its opponents having so few in a game


3 is a VERY low number for turnovers, you won’t find that in the stats sheet very often.

At least one of the turnovers was on an offensive foul, I think during one of the many scrambles on the floor in this game. (It was almost like a wrestling match at times!)

But I don’t think that turnover was a direct result of ball-handling errors.

BTW, why is a jump ball when the possession arrow is for the defense credited as a steal?

Cats move from 59 to 56 in latest NET standings, that Chicago State game is keeping us back. (Nebraska is now #49, though a game behind us in the conference standings, because they have no Q4 losses.)

Right Mike, that was my point. Only 3 TO has got to be a rare occurrence It certainly suggests good coaching; but they could go out and have 10 turnovers the next game and it would have been unlikely that CC’s coaching was any different over the few days interim

Good question regarding the possession arrow; obviously it’s a turnover in that the defense now gets the ball, but the turnover wouldn’t be a turnover if the offense had the arrow, though of course the jump did cost them for the next possession jump ball


Wisconsin had a game in 2015 against Iowa with just one turnover, and that one was apparently a scoring mistake.

I may not be searching correctly, but I haven’t found a college game where one team had zero turnovers yet.