Purdue wins in OT

Some questionable calls from the officials got CC tossed in OT, and the 4 shots from the technical made the final score 105-96.

Could these two teams meet again in the Big Ten Championships?

We had a chance to win in regulation. A win ( which would have made 3 in a row over Purdue) likely would have punched our ticket to the dance

Still 2 overtime games with a split against a number 1 and 2 team has to look good


As expected, NU Women got clocked by Iowa tonight in Evanston. I heard tickets were being scalped for $400 to witness Caitlin Clark.( I bet there were a lot of neutral fans from Chicago anxious to get a glimpse of her) She didn’t disappoint, shooting 50 percent , though only 25 percent from trey land , scoring 36 points Dont know if the men ever had a $400 scalp price for any home game


Actually our season tickets were going for more than that in the first Purdue game. Of course, they’re better sets than what might have gone for $400 tonight.

The men’s team is becoming a hot ticket. The U of I game was a madhouse, and maybe 80+% purple!


The remaining home games are Nebraska, Penn State, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota. Only Nebraska is currently in the upper half of the conference standings, though Minnesota is 9th.

I guess we’ll have to see what the updated NET ratings are tomorrow. I wonder if the sabermetricians have tried to reverse engineer the NCAA’s formula.

As great a scorer as Clark is, she is also an amazing passer, with a terrific court vision. She had 10 assists last night.

The Cats went up to 55 from 59. It’s hard to move a lot after 20 games. Minnesota is at 93.

Evokes Pistol Pete Maravich a bit, I think.

Boise State went from 56 to 44, that’s a pretty big jump, after beating #19 New Mexico on the road by 8. (NM dropped from 16 to 19 in the NET rankings.)

The Cats went up after losing on the road, they would have really jumped if that last shot in regulation had gone in. :sigh:

Looking further into the NET rankings, Penn State went from 127 to 114 after their road thumping of Rutgers, which went from 98 to 113.

And as several of us have said, they just got to keep winning, baby.

Dance Ticket would have been punched if Boiue shot goes in. Now Cats need to do it the much harder way. And 2 victories over Purdue combined with decent down the stretch record would have likely allowed for a higher seed vs if they make the tournament by simply having a tough grind


Harry, they could get another shot at Purdue in the Big Ten Tournament. If they get a 4 or 5 seed, they could meet in the semifinals, a 2, 3 or 6 seed would point towards the finals.

Collns had some things to say about the FT disparity after the game:

Of course we could face them in the BT tourney, But can you imagine the great PR for NU had we beaten them twice during the regular season at #1 and # 2 (both Ot) and 3 in a row ? Almost certsinly would have been ranked next Monday

Ah. That foul line discrepancy !


The vagaries and shortcomings of the NET are exemplified by MSU, who keeps losing but hasn’t dropped out of the top 30 moshe2205tly because of two factors: started the season at 3 or 4 and no bad losses which seems to be the major factor in NU’s low ranking.

Chris Collins was fined $5K and given a public reprimand by the Big Ten following his ejection from the Purdue game.