Purdue @ Wisconsin

Purdue regained the lead about half way through the first half and Wisconsin could never get it back. I though the officiating was not quite as questionable as in our game against Purdue, but they do seem to get a lot of iffy calls. The Wisconsin coach was (IMHO) justifiably upset about a number of line calls late in the game.

Meh. Wisconsin’s shooting did them in. They won most statistical categories, just not rebounding (which granted, is the single non-shooting/scoring statistic that correlates most with winning), number of free throws (but it wasn’t a huge disparity and Wisconsin shot better with what they got), and shooting percentage, both overall and from 3. You can’t expect to win getting out-shot on your home floor.


Both teams made 27 FGs and three 3’s, it was the difference at the free throw line that resulted in a 6 point win. Purdue won both the offensive and defensive rebounding battles, with a big disparity on the defensive end. Edey takes up a lot of real estate on the court.

A good game in most respects, Edey’s FT shooting seems to be sliding, he was 4-8 today and 8-17 against Northwestern, both games below his season average.