QB transfer in

Mike Wright, a QB who has been at Mississippi State and Vanderbilt, will transfer to Northwestern for his senior year.

Guess that’s why Sullivan left?

But what happened to the Guy at our OC’s last school. I thought he was coming.



Gronowski announced several days ago that he was staying at SD State.

I wish we could recruit and develop a QB again… but then one of the other B1G schools would probably try to grab him if he was any good.

Go B1GCats

This is a scary thought, but what if the really big schools went after a star player on another school just to get them off the field?

Its the basic truth of College football, only 22 people are starters, the rest usually ride the bench for 4 years.

As a student, I remember looking across the field at all the skill players on other teams, and wondering if they had come to NU, would they be starters, and how much better would NU have been during those dark days.

And we see it with Sullivan jumping to Iowa to become a backup. I can understand the desire to become a starter, but to transfer and be immediately considered the backup seems to be a strange way to advance your career.

NU has had a bit of luck with transfer QB’s, but the ones who moved in and couldn’t adjust to an O-Line that was short handed, wound up as top recruits who never panned out. I would think that unless the coach told you to go, a player would be better served to stick it out and look to advance inside the system they started with.

Of course, if you are a Joe Flacco trying to play in a read option based offense, you eventually see the handwriting on the wall, and look for a more traditional offense. (Hey, It worked for him last year)

Go B1GCats


Check out #16 Tennessee comment
Nico Iamaleava is expected to start earning his reported $8 million NIL salary immediately.

This is why developing a QB makes no sense.

I’m enjoying watching all the expansion and ACC collapse videos on youtube as offseason entertainment. Jim Philipps didn’t make his own bed, but he obviously has to lay in it and try to keep the conference together despite FSU and Clemson wanting out.

I post comments when the comments stray towards who the B1G wants and doesn’t want or when it comes to revenue sharing.

I think in the next 5 years we will either need to sell our soul to the devil and embrace mercenary/employee football players or do the honorable thing and go the UofC route and drop down. As a 25+ year season ticket holder I should embrace the all-in football, but as much as I like the athletic Northwestern I much prefer the academic Northwestern.

Somewhere in the archives (maybe the Daily) there was an article about how the resurgence of NU Football during the GB era, let to a great increase in the NU Endowment. Even the Ivies, like Hahvahd and Yale make a big deal about their athletic teams, even though the players are not on athletic scholarships.

And, FWIW, I think NU has capitulated to the dark side. Div III teams don’t play in 500+ million dollar stadiums.

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Apparently Wright is similar to Sully; not a strong arm, doesn’t like the pocket and scrambles a lot