Rules on non-coaches doing practice and in-game coaching are toastI

Division 1 will allow football staff other than the designated coaches to perform coaching activities during practices and games. Coaches are still the only ones permitted to do off-campus recruiting activities.

NCAA OK's rule easing limit on 'countable' football coaches - ESPN

Sounds like the NFL model where the scouts and the general manager handle personnel and the coaching staff does game prep and sideline execution.

A program that really bought into this model might restructure everything with recruiting owning all the traditional titles, but having less pay and no control. The sideline people with new titles, but paid like head coach, OC, DC, etc.

Another NCAA decision which is confusing and will be abused by the SEC. I call out the SEC as they engaged in the grayshirting, for example long past the time it was eliminated in the B1G.

The biggest abuse of this will be the hiring of certain desired players parents or siblings as “advisers” or “quality control” assistants.

Similar to the old HIgh School trick of a really high paying job for the father of a very good player opening up in in a town where they needed that player’s talents.



Loyola Academy did that by bringing in this guy Peter Fitzsgerry or some name like that as a volunteer when his son was the starting quarterback.

Fully agree with you, Marc.

There hasn’t been a rule made that the SEC hasn’t found a way to get around or abuse, I’m sure that will be the case on this new relaxation of the rules on coaching activities.