Ryan Field Demolition

At halftime during the Iowa game they had about 20 seconds of video of the demolition of Ryan Field. Looks like the south stands are gone, along with possibly half of the east stands.

I looked at the stuff available from the demolition of Ryan Field, the good stuff got snapped up quickly, what’s left is stuff I wouldn’t go to Goodwill to buy.

The east stands are more than half gone. They started in the southeast corner and started going north along the east side. Now the south end zone is mostly gone, as well, although the building under the endzone stands is still mostly there (formerly the ticket office). And they’ve just started on the lower level of the west stands; a pretty good chunk around and just north of the south tower is already gone.

Just saw this today. NU is also considering erecting temporary stands around the lakefront practice field that could seat 15K - 20K. The model is the rowdy temporary stands that surround the 16th hole of the Phoenix open.

Could be a creative home field friendly alternative to asking fans to drive to a different location for every home field game.


Interesting idea, but after two years of being a 5 minute walk from the stadium, will students want to trek 1.5 miles to new Ryan Field?

I’m hearing the athletic department is against this. I’m not sure why, but for one thing, Peking would be a challenge.

I wish they would do it though. The environment, on the lake would be very cool.


They make the trek for SC to the Coliseum ; Ucla to the Rose Bowl. I think UCLA is closer to the Coliseum than it is to the Rose Bowl


Or the flip side to that question, will a bunch more students show up over the next two years because it is on campus?

I think it could also be an interesting experiment for season ticket holders. The million dollar view combined with the MUCH more intimate stadium setting. Don’t know how many season ticket holders there are, but almost by definition there will be way fewer tickets available for the fans of the other team. So season ticket holders are almost guaranteed to be able to sell their tickets for a premium if they are unable to attend.

Don’t know what the services are going to be like. Would they provide access to the bathrooms in the indoor practice facility or force people to use portajohns? Food could be cool too. Create a little food court with a bunch of food trucks. Parking and tailgating could be an issue, but they could arrange shuttle buses from some of the larger parking lots on the fringes of campus.

Hopefully if season ticket holders get a whiff of this, they will put pressure in the Athletic Department to make it happen.


Peking is always a challenge as the Chinese want you to call it Beijing.

I’m sure the west lot could be available with shuttles, which combined with campus parking would probably be enough. They also have the medical building and the golf course which they use during football.

I’m so in favor of this idea.

What a great home field advantage. Optics? Enormous. Student buy-in? Finally.

Parking? Take the el. We have to take the metro this summer in Paris at the Olympics.

The real flip side is if they try it, what if NU and the Ryan family decide, Hey, maybe an on-campus facility is possible?!

At that point they could decide to put up the tent thing on the site of the demolished Ryan Field for 2025 and switch gears to an on-campus football stadium. Yeah, parking is a bummer, but I’ve been to a few college stadiums where that’s true anyway.

Lol, autocorrect stinks.

It is such a great idea it probably has zero chance of happening. :sigh:

Wade Wallace at Duke has virtually no parking near by - Its a mile + walk from wherever you can find a parking spot.