Shorthanded Cats fall at Rutgers

Berry gone for the season, and Langborg got DQ’d on a flagrant 2 about 10 minutes into the first half. The Cats led by 13 after that, but Rutgers kept fighting back and the Cats didn’t have enough to hold them off. Final: Rutgers 63, Northwestern 60.

Is this the way the rest of the season is going to go?

Mike Nolan

Oddly enough, Langborg’s Flagrant 2 DQ wasn’t mentioned in the report on the Rutgers game on

It says the article was creating using technology from Data Skrive.

Is that an AI tool? If so, it seems to have left out some key facts.

Northwestern moved from 56 to 60 in the NET standings after last night’s loss.
Rutgers moved from 89 to 86.

What was the reason for the Flagrant? That’s pretty rare for NU?

NU coaches said the penalty for this - shot below the belt - is an automatic flagrant 2.

Alex Marcutulio(former player under Carmody) questioned it on Twitter/X. I NEVER see him post so this must be a bit questionable in some way or another.

Maybe, but it sure looked like Collins knew it!

Yeah, he seemed to put up only a token protest about it. The refs can slow it down and zoom in, I thought it was above the belt but clearly in the midsection. The Flagrant 1 on the Rutgers player in the 2nd half seemed like it could also have been upgraded to a 2, because he basically deliberately stepped on the guy’s ankle, and that could cause a serious injury.

There just seem to be a lot of strange calls in games this year. Even the TV guys are talking about it.

Kinda like a new home team advantage?

Go B1GCats


Cats remain a 9 seed in Lunardi’s projections, Jerry Palm has them as a 10 seed and Mike Decourcy has them as an 8 seed, but I don’t think the latter two have been updated today.

Mike Nolan

Does the NCAA issue points of emphasis to basketball officials like they do for football. I’ve definitely seen more Flagrant 1 and Flagrant 2 calls this year, and I think fewer jump balls. It seems like the line has shifted between blocking and charging, too, with fewer of the latter. I wonder if anybody tracks officiating calls?

There has to be an app for that somewhere…

I’m surprised the TV guys don’t have something running on their score screens. Maybe the tournament?

Go B1GCats


I found an ESPN article from about 10 years ago which lamented the absence of detailed stats on basketball fouls. Apparently Ken Pomeroy tried to do some work on that but the data appears to be buried in his archives.

Mike, there was a significant change in the block/charge rule this year. I’m surprised you hadn’t heard about it just because it’s been talked about so much during games. The defender now has to be set before the offensive player’s plant foot touches the ground in order to take a charge.

They also clarified (although I don’t think this was a change) that unlike any other line in basketball, the protected circle around the basket is a cylinder that extends up from the floor and that the defender’s body has to be entirely outside the cylinder or it’s blocking.


I usually watch the games with the sound off unless there’s some kind of review or other stoppage. Much more peaceful that way.

I did listen to a discussion of the cylinder rule the other day, but I’m not sure I understood it.

With Wisconsin’s OT loss at Iowa today, they’ve now lost 5 of their last 6 conference games.