Skoronski to Tennessee

Peter Skoronski went to Tennessee as the #11 pick. The Bears also picked an OT, Darnell Wright from TN, with their first round pick (#10 after a trade with Philly).

Bears at #10 draft an OT from university of Tennessee. Tennessee at #11 draft An OT from Northwestern

Hmm. Maybe these teams should trade to have somewhat local talent ( I know Knoxville and Nashville are not next door)


The Bears’ history with local players hasn’t always been great, Wright has played RT, LT and LG, so he may be easier to fit in somewhere. Skoronski could play LT or LG for Tennessee.

Seemed like quite a few Big Ten players got drafted in rounds 2 and 3, OSU, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Penn State among the schools with players drafted. No additional Cats yet.