Some transition issues

I’m seeing some transition issues that I’m trying to resolve. A few posts have gotten mangled at the end, this is probably something I’m doing in the relay to the legacy listserver. At least one post seems to have fallen through the cracks completely, I’m not sure what happened there, it doesn’t appear to have gotten into the error logs.

Also, the default limits on minimum message length (excluding quoted material) and the minimum topic length have both been reduced a little, but both of these parameters are there to try to encourage more complete topic descriptions and discourage ‘me too’ posts.

Maybe this will be my final post about transition issues. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve fixed the problem that was causing some of the posts to be messed up when sent out by the legacy email server.

I’ve also set the old server up so that any emails that go to the old email address will get a ‘the list has moved’ response with information about how to access the new site.

Anyone who is still having issues getting in to the new server or posting/responding by email can always contact me by email,

It’s hard to say if traffic is down as a result of the transition, because it is the time of year when list traffic tends to bottom out anyway. But I think many of the regular posters have made the transition.

Mike Nolan