Somewhat OT - Nebraska AD leaving

Sources are reporting that UNL AD Trev Alberts is leaving for Texas A&M, at roughly double the salary. This is the second time in the last few decades that A&M has hired Nebraska’s AD.

At least it seems like he is leaving Nebraska in a decent place with quality basketball play this year and a seemingly upward bound football program.

Nebraska does need to make a bowl game next year otherwise any good feelings will vanish.

The Texas A&M job is tough as they have to outperform Texas next year, which is very unlikely. Nebraska at least has no arch-rival within their conference and the state media is entirely Nebraska fans.

It is interesting to see how the newcomers perform. It is tough to join a conference and dominate.

A&M is denying that they’ve decide on a new AD yet. Could be a premature report or it could be some kind of trial balloon.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how Oklahoma and Texas handle the transition to the SEC, they’re used to being the big dogs, now they’ll at best just be part of the pack.

The Alberts story is confirmed now, Nebraska has lost its President, the UNL Chancellor and now the Athletic Director, all within a year.

To say folks in Nebraska are concerned would be an understatement.

We’ve got a finger-pointing war going on, as some folks are blaming the governor’s office (current occupant and immediate predecessor) for a lack of leadership (which really means funding) and the Governor is blaming the Regents for not replacing the Nebraska President quickly. (It’s been over 200 days since Carter announced he was leaving to head to Ohio State.)