Sour Grapes in Florida

The Florida Attorney General is launching an investigation of how FSU got left out of the playoffs. I guess nothing really important is happening in Florida.

That is their definition of what “freedom” means.


I don’t think this is a reflection of the political persuasion of the Florida AG, the very liberal governor of California made noises about blocking the USC-UCLA move to the Big Ten, until his political advisors told him that would hurt his chances in the midwest should he run for President.

You do not want to get me started on the “politics” in Florida, freedom? Give me a break.

If Michigan, Washington, Texas or Alabama had been left out of the playoffs, my suspicion is the Governor and/or AG of those states would have raised a fuss, too.

It seem fitting that the 4 team playoff era started with a controversy (Ohio State over TCU) and ended with an even bigger one.