SP+ ratings after the bowl games

Northwestern is #69 in ESPN’s SP+ ratings. Nebraska is #66.

In the NET Rankings, which I believe the NCAA uses, the Cats are at 72 vs. the Illini at 12. Lots of upside potential tonight…

Here is the link I use to view past-present-future

The link didn’t seem to come through.

Cats are getting pounded tonight, shooting poorly.

It looks like the Cats shooting wasn’t horrible,though not good ; 41 percent overall with 50 percent from trey land

Unfortunately the Illini shot 63 and 56 ( 30 points from 3 ‘s) Hard to win playing against those numbers.

At least it was on the road and against a top 10 team ( though without Terrance Shannon who is currently suspended on a rape charge)


They shot better in the 2nd half, in the first half it was closer to 30%.

The women got blitzed at Penn State tonight, 95-55. The combined games’ 70 points difference may have been the ugliest in Cats’ history.


Here is the link I use to view past-present-future

Looks like only Dayton and Mississippi State are decent non-conference opponents as we have mostly played garbage Quad 4 teams

And lost to one of them. Illinois won’t be the only team the Cats play in the next two months that can shoot the lights out.

Most points given up by Cats since 1996. Not good for a team that relies heavily on defense to win.