Sports Illustrated may lay off its entire staff

A licensing dispute over the use of brand name for Sports Illustrated may lead to the current publisher of the magazine (now a monthly instead of a weekly) to lay off staff, possibly everyone.

Where will I get my football phone now?

As more legacy media dies off I can’t imagine where one will get scores and analysis? Will the leagues become the journalists for their games and consider it an advertising expense? Obviously there will always be citizen journalists, but that will vary on the accessibility of the event and whether someone will want to sacrifice enjoyment of the event to get the story. I’m sure Dave Eanet is unable to enjoy the moments, but he I’m sure is being well compensated for that sacrifice.

The Internet has scores availability covered, but net writers are a mixed bag. There are some really good ones out there, like Pat Forde, but probably few compare to the great print journalists of the past, both recent and distant.

The Trib seems to have dropped the ‘Wake of the News’ tagline from online columns by Paul Sullivan, though they still show up under that banner in the print version.

I grew up reading Dave Condon’s Trib ‘Wake’ columns, and Jerome Holtzman’s columns in the Sun Times. I hope the Trib doesn’t follow the NY Times lead and sub out their entire sports department

For score somebody has to collect those and publish them, right?

Eventually AI could do all that plus watch the games and report on them from any perspective you wanted e.g. give me a highlight reel of all Northwestern players in the NFL and create commentary in John Madden’s voice so their plays are portrayed as decisive to the outcome of the game.

The Bee takes on SI