Sports Journalism

I’m moving Willie’s post on the demise of sports journalism to a separate thread, because this is an important issue.;!!Om87Lau1Cg!KviDcJkZgWf18USbvR6_QmXVHCgDgmEGvSxbdaSuADuC6fJ57n8a1QJ3RbjMvx2BoGNuUR4GLFaZgjo9$

I’m old enough to remember when Paul Hornung and Alex Karas were suspended for the 1963 NFL season for gambling on NFL games, yet both are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. though Hornung had to wait several years before he was voted in. Why Baseball can’t do something for Rose perplexes me. But I also never understood why they had to wait until after Ron Santo died to put him in the Hall of Fame, either.

Did journalists not apply the same standards of investigation to Hornung and Karas that they did to Rose?