Spring Football Drills

Northwestern will wind up spring football practice this Saturday, the 22nd, but the spring drills have been a well-kept secret. The Daily Northwestern hasn’t had a story on spring practices recently, there’s nothing about it that I can find on the NU website, and as for the Trib, their coverage of Northwestern sports has often been an exercise in minimalism.

Here in Lincoln we get 2-3 stories every day on Nebraska spring football, which also winds up on Saturday with the annual Red-White game, which should draw 50,000 or more to Memorial Stadium.

An ongoing story in Lincoln that will continue for several weeks is how many Nebraska players will wind up in the transfer portal during the spring window. Nebraska is currently about a dozen players over the 85 player limit, so there has to be some outward movement.

Mike Nolan

At least 3 videos on youtube



I had found the first of those with a google search. (Google searches are a lot less useful than they used to be, IMHO, but I’m not sure the other search engines are much better.)

I use Qwant or Brave to search and although not for search quality but for privacy and less bias.

Youtube is my big vice and top time waster so I follow my subscriptions and add the videos of interest to my Watch Later. Only a few things would be harder to give up than youtube.