Spring Practice Wraps Up

Missed posting a link to this story earlier this week:

Did you folks see that Sullivan just opted for the transfer portal?

Hopefully that means we’re bringing in a very good transfer.


The DN story doesn’t say anything about any incoming QB transfers, but maybe Sullivan was quietly advised that they were seeking one.

Exactly. Although it appears unlikely, it’s possible the new OC will bring his QB from his last job with him. If Gronowski (the QB, who is supposed to be really good in the new OC’s system), does come to NU, I believe that will be the reason Sullivan is leaving.

There’s also speculation, given Sullivan took fewer snaps than Lausch at the public Spring simulated game, that they informed Sullivan Lausch had passed him. Who knows? :man_shrugging:


ESPN has a page up with their list of the top 45 players in the transfer portal, there were only 2 QBs and one of them also works out at TE, Eli Stower, transferring from New Mexico State. The other is Jaden Rashada, transferring from Arizona State.