Super Bowl

My sympathies to the Lions fans on this list, they ran out of luck (that tipped pass, for example) and this time the analytics didn’t work in their favor, I guess. I hope they can have a good season again next year and make another strong run in the playoffs, I have doubts that my Bears will be playoff-worthy yet, depending on who they draft in April.

I’ll be cheering for the Niners over KC, but mostly hope for an exciting game. Is Vegas quoting odds on whether Travis Kelse will propose to Taylor Swift after the game?

It is my understanding that Taylor has a concert in Japan so it would be difficult for her to show up at the game.

Apparently she plans to board a (presumably private) jet soon after the concert on Saturday (and Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Vegas time) and should be in Las Vegas in plenty of time to make the game. She could arrive in Las Vegas several hours (local time) before she departed.

Right now the word is that she intends to show up. Apparently that is driving ticket prices higher on ticket websites Japan of course is several hours ahead of PDT ( 16 hours ?)so it would seem she has a shot, although she could be very tired!


The last part of your note is reminiscent of the famous Marvin “Bad News” Barnes line (re: arriving at an earlier time than departing): “I ain’t getting on no time machine.”

As Casey Stengel often said, “You could look it up.”

Her concert is scheduled for 6 pm Saturday night in Tokyo. Let’s say it finishes at 11 pm. She would then have about 33 hours ( with 17 hour time difference) to get to Las Vegas. It’s normally about a 13-14 hour flight and as those who went to the NU bowl game this year , know that the airport in Vegas is 10 minutes from the stadium. ( and 10 minutes from the Strip if she heads to her hotel ) ( Im guessing full showers are available on the plane!).

What is of note is she is scheduled to appear in Melbourne 6 days later. Presumably the schedule did not factor in having to fly back to the states, then onto Australia , only from Tokyo to Melbourne!


Yeah, well it’ll probably only be Taylor and a few members of her retinue making the long trip, the roadies will stay on the other side of the planet.

Some interesting sidelights to mention after yesterdays games

The 2 championships , College and NFL will no longer be possible to have both coaches from the Harbaugh family ( Having both as HC in the 2012 Super Bowl was quite something)

And more obvious is the state of Michigan will not get the 2 champions either

Mike. Don’t know about the odds of a proposal on the Las Vegas board, but given that would occur in Vegas, there may be too much of a possibility for inside information ?

The length of the Star Bangled banner singing might also be off the board as the rehearsal will probably be in Las Vegas where someone nearby could use a stop watch to get a good handle on the under/ over


Calculations show that with the time zone change,Swift would have plenty of time to make it to Las Vegas after her concert Saturday night in Tokyo. One issue I saw mentioned on the internet is that due to the heavy Super Bowl air traffic, they may not have any landing slots in Las Vegas available around that time . Somehow I have to believe they would find a way to get her in , even at a remote section of the airport. Then again , if not, the word is they could fly her into LAX and drive her the 4-5 hours and she would still have ample time.

Ah nice to see so much press about non football issues related to the big game!


Surely there are a few swifties in the ATC tower.

Helicopter from

  • IFP (Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport) - 72 miles
  • CDC (Cedar City Regional Airport) - 159 miles
  • GCN (Grand Canyon National Park Airport) - 168 miles
  • PSP (Palm Springs International Airport) - 174 miles
  • ONT (Ontario International Airport) - 197 miles
  • FLG (Flagstaff Pulliam Airport) - 206 miles
  • BUR (Hollywood Burbank Airport) - 223 miles
  • BFL (Meadows Field Airport) - 224 miles
  • IPL (Imperial County Airport) - 226 miles
  • SNA (John Wayne Airport) - 226 miles


Not sure her jet can land at some of those airports. An overseas jet plane is of decent size as it is required to handle the fuel requirements . Sone of those airports are pretty small

Getting on a chopper is not the safest action in the world. If needed ,a private limo from LAX is probably within her budget :blush:

I am reminded of all the different travel legs Deion Sanders used to make to enable him to play in both his baseball and football games


San Miguel 60 miles away is listed as “large luxury jet” capable.

The speculation is interesting.

But the money involved is staggering for any normal human.

Her share of the four shows in Japan just before the Superbowl is just a little shy of $100M.

So paying $100K to take a private flight from Japan to the West Coast is really just a rounding error for her. She’ll pay another $100K or so to fly back to Melbourne. She has three shows scheduled there and another 11 scheduled in Sydney. She’ll walk away with another staggering $1.2B from those shows.

It is good to be the queen.


The cost won’t be the dollar cost as you point out;it’s peanuts. The cost to her body may take a toll ,with all of the long travel and performing several shows over such a short period of time. I’m sure the back and forth over the ocean was not in the original plan. What love will do to someone :couple_with_heart_woman_man:!


The NY Post says don’t worry about Taylor, the NFL’s got her covered (but maybe not a parking spot for her jet), but lots of other jet-setters are running into issues and everybody’s jacking up their fees.

Her Dassault Falcon 7X has more than enough range to handle Japan to Las Vegas without a refueling stop.

Apparently Taylor Swift bets are off-limits, so they’re getting creative about the bets on the Super Bowl they’re offering.