Texas trying to influence SEC scheduling decision

The SEC has yet to decide whether it will continue with an 8 game conference schedule or go to a 9 game conference schedule once it expands to 16 members.

Texas and Oklahoma technically have no say in scheduling until they become members of the conference, but Texas is trying to influence the decision, saying they prefer a 9 game conference schedule with multiple designated rivalry opponents they would play every year.

The SEC better get used to Texas and its desire to control the topics under discussion. They always think they’re the biggest dog in the pack.

Mike Nolan

Texas and Oklahoma have no vote but they are in the room and can participate in the discussion. it’s not like Texas is trying to throw its weight around uninvited so feels like it has to use the press. it has direct influence in the room even with no vote. It will be interesting to see how that vote plays out. The big boys want nine games, the lower middle and bottom want eight so they can try and schedule their way into a bowl game, something Kentucky has been doing for yeats.

Go Cats

The big ten has yet to announce what they’ll do as a 16 team conference. Similar issues between the big dogs and the also-rans may arise.

Since the playoff killed any minimal meaning bowl games still had I prefer an 12 game Power 5 schedule.

Howard and UTEP at home is so weak. We have the worst Evanston schedule in my near 30 year season tickets. No Wisconsin, Io_a, Michigan, tOSU, Illinois, Nebraska, or even MSU at home.
Maryland, PSU, and Purdue will draw a total of 15 people to Evanston. Io_a at Wrigley – road game – will outdraw every home game.

Anybody hear any rumors about the stadium? My understanding is Evanston hasn’t approved anything and logically that needs to be decided before the season starts as demolition needs to start November 19th(Sunday after Purdue). Agreements with the park district for Soldier Field probably can be done early in 2024, but some concerts/events are sure to be scheduled early for Saturdays in September 2024 and those would be potential conflicts.

I think NU has applied for at least some of the permits, including a liquor permit. According to the Trib, the group(s) opposing the project held an information forum last week.

The Evanston City Council has some issues, the Trib had a recent article wondering if they need a civility code, and the NU project was only one of the issues for which civility seems missing.

There’s probably a ‘drop dead’ date in terms of when they would need approval to start demolition in November or defer the project for a year, which will almost certainly increase its cost.

The Evanston Roundtable site seems to still think approval will happen. I suspect they’re right.

The SEC will go with an 8 game no-divisions conference schedule for 2024, but 2025 and beyond is still under discussion.

Mike Nolan

It remains somewhat unclear what will happen with the proposed stadium, and there’s a lot more to it than obtaining a building permit.

You can review all of Northwestern submissions to the City on the Evanston website:

There are two sections. One about their application for a Planned Development and another section about their application for zoning changes.

The application for a Planned Development seeks approval for the stadium itself. There are a variety of variances that are needed. I think the Planned Development will be approved with relatively little controversy. Most neighbors are OK with a new stadium. I personally think it looks a bit “large” for the site, but that doesn’t seem to be a significant concern among most neighbor groups.

The much bigger issue is the application for zoning changes. It’s not at all clear that Northwestern will get everything it wants. Currently, the zoning code doesn’t permit concerts other than specifically for the university. In other words, they can’t rent out the existing Ryan Field for a concert. Under the proposed changes to the zoning code, Northwestern would be permitted to host up to 10 full-capacity concerts every year. This is the major issue. Many neighbors are concerned about both increased congestion and noise from concerts.

It’s not clear whether Northwestern may already have enough votes secured on the City Council. At least two council members have publicly indicated reservations about the zoning changes.

All of the above issues must first be presented to the Land Use Commission. Those hearings could take months. The LUC votes, but it’s only advisory. Then the issue goes to a committee of the City Council. That could take a few weeks. And then it goes to the full City Council. That will take at least 2 weeks.

So if everything goes smoothly, they could have approval by about mid fall.

Oh, they also want a change to the liquor license to permit alcohol sales throughout the stadium. There’s some objection to that, but I suspect that will be approved. (The mayor basically decides that issue, as I understand, and I don’t see him turning down the tax revenue.)

I personally think NU will go forward even without all of the requested zoning changes, but they contend that they need 10 concerts a year to make the project economically viable. Some have pointed out that doesn’t seem to be the case if the Ryans are footing the bill.

Of course the SEC doesn’t want to give up those bye weeks before the rivalry game and D3 cupcakes :roll_eyes::joy::man_facepalming:t3:


Whether there’s an 8 or 9 game conference season will have no impact on how many byes a team has during the season, but dropping one non-conference game could impact the number of times schools like Towson State or The Citadel get a big paycheck to take an SEC thumping in November.