Updated conference NET rankings

Purdue 3; Wisconsin 11; Illinois 16; Michigan State 22; Ohio State 47; Nebraska 53; Iowa 58; Northwestern 69; Minnesota 90; Michigan 92; Rutgers 94; Indiana 97; Maryland 99; Penn State 125

Michigan State is having a bad (for them) season, so why are they still a top 25 NET team??

Good question. The detail formula for NET is a closely guarded secret, unlike the formerly-used RPI.

Looking at today’s NET, Sparty’s opponents’ ranking is 18, which certainly helps. On the other hand, they are 0-3 in road games and 2-6 against Q1 opponents.

The Cats, on the other hand, dropped from 70 to 73 after last night’s win over #97 Maryland. Our average opponent’s net is 86. We don’t have any control over our B1G schedule, but our non-conference strength of schedule is an abysmal 316.

Our remaining schedule gives us some opportunities for “good” wins (Illinois, Nebraska (2), Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa (2)), but the Cats need to take advantage with some wins against these teams to get off the bubble.