We are up to #49 - Athletic Article #'s 26-50

Not much change in this group. Kansas State drops out of the top 25 after a loss to [Iowa State]. New Mexico State is up to No. 31 after beating [Jacksonville State] to move to 10-3. Kentucky’s win against Louisville moves the [Wildcats] up to No. 43, while No. 48 [Northwestern] and No. 49 [Maryland] move into the top 25 after wins against [Illinois]and [Rutgers], respectively. Northwestern has the head-to-head over the Terps. No. 45 Iowa State beat Kansas State but stays behind 9-3 [Ohio] due to their head-to-head result. [Appalachian State] whipped [Georgia Southern] 55-27 to move up to No. 50 with five consecutive wins to close the regular season.

Big Ten pecking order of bowl games

Music City goes to # 4Las Vegas #5
Pinstripe 6
Guaranteed Rate 7

At this point the top3 after Michigan are OSU, Iowa and PSU ( not sure if Iowa and PSU switch positions based on record or by virtue of Iowa winning the West )

A few wrinkles : Does Ohio State go to the CFP and open up a spot? If they do ,then everyone moves up a notch. Even though national #2 beat national #3 ( or Vice versa) #3 as of now drops to #6. Certsinly Ohio States chances improve if Oregon beats national #4 UW though with a big win by Oregon they could jump to #4 likely leaving OSU as #2 or # 3 in the BT ( Iowa #2 ? With a loss Saturday?). I’m thinking OSU will not get in to the final 4 and thus takes the first of the NY 6 entries

Also do various Bowl committees have any wriggle room to take a lower seed if they prefer them ? Or more likely can they take a team with the same record even though they may have lost to the given team in a head to head match with the same record ?Probably yes , which should knock out any early plane reservations !


The order of bowl selection is not based strictly on conference finish. Bowls select in order among eligible teams but it’s no longer strictly in order of finish. Following NY6 the Cittus Bowl almost always takes the next highest finisher but probably can choose between PSU and Iowa. After that bowls can take who they want although I think the two loss rule is still in place. A school can’t be picked with two losses more than the ones above it. Matchups often take geography into account which is why I predicted Music City.

I think that a bowl can pick a team with 7 wins over one with 8 wins but not one with 6 wins over one with 8 wins. But since the win totals are currently 12+, 11, 10+, 10, 7, 7, 7, and 6, it looks like the bottom 4 (Maryland, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Rutgers) are free to be picked in any order.

247 Sports had Rutgers going to NYC, which is why they had the Cats going to Arizona.

Yes. Consistent with what Mark says.

And we will see what happens with the Buckeyes



It cut off my comment “Bowl predictions w/ lines LV as a big dog to Utah.”

Oof, Utah would be a challenging opponent.

Basing it on wins vs basing it on losses would have a differential impact only for those teams that play in a conference championship game or have a game cancelled due to external factors like a hurricane.