Kinda off topic, but we’ve got a lot of theatre types on the list, and the Trib has one of the best articles I’ve seen to date on the financial aspects of the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike and how it affects actors.

(The WSJ articles have been unimpressive, even the Variety ones have seemed incomplete.)

No URL because I’m not sure it’s available outside the Trib paywall, but it may get picked up by wire services.

Column: Chicago mainstay Amy Morton on the actors’ strike: ‘We’re mad. And we’re fed up.’

By [Michael Phillips]

It doesn’t look like these strikes are going to end soon.

And ranging even further off topic:

If UPS drivers go out on strike in two weeks, as expected, there could be huge impacts on the economy from that. UPS delivers some 24.3 million packages/day, accounting for about 6% of GDP.

Mike Nolan