Who's watching the bowl game?

Looks like it could be a defensive game.

Mike Nolan

Cats miss 3 scoring chances in the first half, have no offense in the 2nd half and now Bryant is probably out for the rest of the game, so Hilinski is in.

Utah’s offense is working better in the 2nd half, too. :sigh:

Bryant came back in for a memorable TD drive and then a clutch first down to ice the game. Cats win 14-7!!

The announcers said that Tim McGarigle has already been chosen as the DC for next season, they hinted about other coaching changes as well.

Hopefully a new OC not currently on staff. Expect others as well.

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It was a true Big Ten West ROCK FIGHT!

Utah seems like they fit stylistically better than the 4 teams we added.

I will miss the divisions.

Utah’s season was a journey mostly downhill, they were among the favorites to win the Pac-12 in September, but injuries took a major toll.

Northwestern’s season was defined more by the defense than the offense, but they’ll need more offensive weapons to survive in the Big Eighteen. Even so, they were two or three plays away from a 10 win season. Tim McGarigle as DC should be interesting, I assume he’ll be closely mentored by Braun.