Will there be a Pigkin Picks contest this season? Any interest in a real-time chat on Sunday?

Traffic on the list is down over last year, possibly in part due to the software change but perhaps more due to the issues within the NU Athletic Department. (There may have been an issue with access via a web browser over the last 2 days, but I think it has been fixed. If not, please let me know off-list, nolan@tssi.com.)

The Huskers open the Big Ten season tonight at Minnesota, MSU plays on Friday, the Cats play Rutgers on Sunday and I think everybody else plays on Saturday.

Will there be a Pigskin Picks contest this season?

The discourse software I’m using now has a real-time chat feature, similar to slack. Would folks be interested in a real-time chat on Sunday? You’d have to log in to the nu-sports.tssi.com site to do it.

Mike Nolan

I am.

Lou Martinaitis

And Mike, is there any chance of watching television coverage on Sunday’s game? Or so far I can’t find any.

Lou Martinaitis

The Rutgers game is on CBS, my local affiliate is carrying it (11 AM CT kickoff), maybe yours is not?

The Iowa game is on Peacock streaming only, as I understand it. Get used to it, we may be relegated to streaming a lot over the next few years.

It is listed as CBS so everybody should be able to get it

Thx Marc

Lou Martinaitis

I’ll be traveling, so I wouldn’t be able to do the chat Sunday.


Unless the local affiliate covers it up with a Pro Game.



NFL game #1 is Thursday the 7th as Maureen’s liedowns get to lose to the Chiefs