Women's Lacrosse National Championship Game

Cats lead 6-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Cats leading 8-6 at halftime.

Cats up 6-0 after 1st quarter

bC just hit the goal post to no avail!


BC rallied in the 2nd quarter to cut the lead to a 8-6 at the half

Izzy Scane , the all time NCAA goals leader ,was kept to one shot in the half ( she scored)


BC scored a short-handed goal in the final second to cut the Cats lead to 10-9 at the end of the 3rd quarter. BC now has 4 yellow cards so any penalties against them are non-releasable.

Now tied 11-11 with about 11 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

BC now leads 12-11 with 9:39 left

Cats went up 6-0 and now losing 13-11 so disappointing. BC playing to win and Cats think they had it won.

BC wins it 14-13.

Unfortunately NU couldn’t hang on to their early big lead and loses 14-13 in a national title rematch to BC


So BC played to win, and the Cats played not to lose.

sounds like the old football prevent defense - that prevents you from winning.

Go B1GCats


Assuming I added right, BC had 24 shots on goal and Northwestern had 33, that doesn’t sound like a team playing to not lose. The NU goalie had 5 saves, the BC goalie had 9.

It was definitely not a case of playing not to lose. You really can’t even do that in women’s lax with the shot clock. The 6 goal lead was a bit deceptive, although NU came out really, really ready to play. BC cranked up their D the rest of the way, got more balanced on draw controls, and scored some great goals with a lot of great passes. In the end, the goalie probably on the game for them, including a “matter of an inch or two” foot save in the closing seconds.

The Cats didn’t play their best game, probably, especially on defense, but basically it was just an epic close game between two very, very good teams. I think NU wins it if they play a best-of-five series, but it would be close. As coach Kelly said postgame, BC made a few more plays.

It was a privilege to watch them play this year, and it’s really a shame they came up just short.

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I agree with Thomas. They weren’t trying to sit on a lead ; it looked liked the adjustments BC made worked and they kept our top offensive player from taking many shots It’s a shame but they lost to the #2 team in the country and BC got their revenge from last years finals loss. Clearly these 2 teams are closely matched and it should be mentioned that both schools have very high academic standards ( I know , I grew up in Boston)

Good luck to these women going forward whether on the playing field or in their careers.